As The UKs leading expert in Non Surgical Hair Replacement (NSHR), the London Hair Clinic has built its reputation on exceptional hair replacement and realistic pricing. The London Hair Clinic prides itself on offering the most undetectable and revolutionary hair replacement systems that the industry offers.


As a company regularly dealing with vulnerable patients, anxious and psychologically distressed by their hair loss, we take immense satisfaction in restoring the confidence and self esteem of so many people. The LHC is a recognised authority in non-surgical hair replacement, holding the accolade of the Trichological Society’s approved authority on NSHR. Our reputation with such prestigious organisations is testimony to our expertise in cosmetic hair replacement solutions.

At the LHC we promote a discreet, honest and professional approach to all aspects of NSHR providing patients with detailed information, enabling them to make informed decisions on non surgical procedures. Patients are actively encouraged to meet existing clients, experiencing NSHR procedures first hand as well as learning of our professional, personalized approach to service.

With current hair loss medications severely limited in their success at re-growing hair and hair transplantation restricted in graft quantities, NSHR is undoubtedly the most successful method of restoring significant hair density.

In fact, NSHR technological advancements means the procedure is a realistic option, allowing significant of partial hair restoration. Whether in the process of losing hair or in more advanced cases the gradual restoration of a full head of hair is achieveable over one or a series of procedures.

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